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101 COINS Inside Magic Wilson, Gregory
102 COINS Magician's Tricks: How They Are Done Hatton, Henry and Plate, Adrian
103 COINS Shigeo Takagi's Coin Assembly Busby, Jeff
104 COINS Harvey Rosenthal's Perfect Coin Assembly (New Stars of Magic Vol 1 No 5) Fulves, Karl
105 COINS Essential Sol Stone, The Hobbs, Stephen
106 COINS Text-Book of Magic, A Elbiquet
107 COINS Definitive Sankey, The - Volume 1 (Collector's Edition) Gladwin, Andi & Joshua Jay
108 COINS Definitive Sankey, The - Volume 2 (Collector's Edition) Gladwin, Andi & Joshua Jay
109 COINS Definitive Sankey, The - Volume 3 (Collector's Edition) Gladwin, Andi & Joshua Jay
110 COINS Varied Methods Robinson, Scott
111 COINS Out With The New, In With The Old Houstoun, Will
112 COINS Magic of Fred Robinson, The Duffie, Peter
113 COINS Pleasing Deceptions and Subtle Fictions Snyder, Lee
114 COINS Complete Al Leech, The Leech, Al
115 COINS Steve Lindsay: More Than a Magician - The Magic of Steven Hamilton Cameron, Douglas
116 COINS David Neighbors Project, The - Volume One: Defining the Edges of the Box Tams, Mark
117 COINS Roy Johnson Lecture Notes, The Johnson, Roy
118 COINS Money Moves Fulves, Karl
119 COINS Switch Earl, Benjamin
120 COINS Wonderful Routines of Magic Poland, Ellison
121 COINS Diverting Coin Magic Galloway, Andrew
122 COINS This Is Not A Box Earl, Benjamin
123 COINS Lowdown, The Fulves, Karl
124 COINS Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi, The Minch, Stephen
125 COINS Close-Up Mental Magic Fulves, Karl