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Imagine a place where you can find details of every item in every magic book ever published (well, almost). 
Now, you can look up the information you need to perfect the routine you are working on.
Or really get to the bottom of the history of that trick you are developing. Well, this is that place, and you are welcome ! more 

If you use information from PLEASE PLEASE give credit to both AND the author of the research, if any. Thanks for the understanding ! 

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ps: please don't ask us: there is NO content on this website, only table of contents, you need to own the books to be able to read them !thanks.

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Books to be approved

  • And A Packet Of Cards by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-21 18:05 - Evan S.
  • Cards #5 - The Multiple Shift by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-16 18:49 - Evan S.
  • Color Quik by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-17 16:22 - Evan S.
  • Combo by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-17 17:35 - Evan S.
  • Combo II by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-17 17:11 - Evan S.
  • Hofzinser's Card Tricks by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-10 17:34 - Evan S.
  • Kaleidoscope by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-17 01:44 - Evan S.
  • Quick Card Tricks by Fulves, Karl
    2017-09-19 01:49 - Evan S.