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51 COINS Tavern Magic 2 Wild, Michael
52 COINS Locked In A Room Without Cards Miller, Justin
53 COINS Juan Tamariz Martel - Münzen Meisterlich Tamariz, Juan
54 COINS Folding Coin - A Beginning in Magic Behnke, Leo
55 COINS Hayashi's Matrix Trilogy Hayashi
56 COINS Tricks With a Folded Coin Magic Inc.
57 COINS The Gone Again Coin Vanish Turcotte, Dan
58 COINS Fred Kaps's Purse Brahams, Anthony
59 COINS Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard, The Andrews, Val
60 COINS Impromptu Reverse Matrix Aurelio, Paviato
61 COINS The Dime and Penny Jones, Lloyd E.
62 COINS Convincing Coin Magic Farelli, Victor
63 COINS Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic Ganson, Lewis
64 COINS A new Look at the Okito Box Ganson, Lewis
65 COINS Sleightly Original Gagnon, Tom
66 COINS Money Magic Blyth, Will
67 COINS Coin Magic Part Two Hugard, Jean
68 COINS Coin Magic Part One Hugard, Jean
69 COINS Coin Magic Hugard, Jean
70 COINS More Mohammed Bey Routines with the Okito Horowitz, S. Leo
71 COINS 400 Fascinating Magic Tricks You Can Do Thurston, Howard
72 COINS 300 Tricks You Can Do Thurston, Howard
73 COINS 21st Century Coin Mechanics Barnowsky, Larry
74 COINS Creative Coin Magic, Lecture Notes 2 Rubinstein, Michael
75 COINS Creative Coin Magic, Lecture Notes 1 Rubinstein, Michael
76 COINS Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique Rubinstein, Michael
77 COINS Coin Tricks Volume One Osborne, Tom
78 COINS Coins Through the Table Goshman, Albert
79 COINS The Magic Box Brooke, Ken
80 COINS Coin Creations Ream, Lamont
81 COINS Magic of Francis Carlyle, The Pierre, Roger
82 COINS Coin Routine Takagi, Shigeo
83 COINS Magic Page by Page Page, Patrick
84 COINS Vortex Stone, Tom
85 COINS Das Rainer Teschner Seminar 79 Teschner, Rainer
86 COINS Modern Coin Magic Bobo, J.B.
87 COINS Top Score Jones, Lewis
88 COINS Book of Revelations, The Jones, Lewis
89 COINS Magic Gourmet, The Jones, Lewis
90 COINS Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 Miesel, William P.
91 COINS Triple Threat Coin Gimmick Tams, Mark
92 COINS More Power to You Acer, David
93 COINS Kreationen Moser, Wolfgang
94 COINS Unbelievable Yanagida, Masahiro
95 COINS Hokus Pokus: Coin Tricks Permin, IB
96 COINS Sawa's Library of Magic - Volume One Kaufman, Richard
97 COINS Al Schneider Magic Schneider, Al
98 COINS Sleights Hull, Burling
99 COINS Wrinkles Bailey, Willson S. and Osborne, Harold A.
100 COINS Tricks of To-Day Yelma