Corporate Events - Exhibitions - Product Launches - Promotions - Conferences - Anniversaries - Birthdays - Weddings - Parties International Acts?  More Info ? Click below! Welcome to Magiccafé Productions Who is MagicCafé ? MagicCafé Productions has been founded by Jacky Kahan   Professional, passionate and driven experienced people in the field of entertainment. The magicians working for MagicCafé are screened and selected amongst the best magicians available on the market. Many magicians working for MagicCafé are known lecturers within the magic community. Apart from Belgian Magicians MagicCafé represents International artists from all over the world. Special lectures and workshops are frequently organized to keep our magicians at the top. MagicCafé's mission is to provide top quality entertainment. You want Quality Magic?  We are here to serve you!