King Koko / Hoffmann, Professor / CHILDREN'S MAGIC / GENERAL MAGIC

Hoffmann, Professor

King Koko or The Pretty Princess and the Lucky Lover. A Conjuring Entertainment in the Form of a Fairy Tale with Practical Instructions

Hoffmann provides a lengthy, whimsical children's tale, which is punctuated with magical effects, which are then explained at length following the story. The contents page lists each of the tricks, both in the main story and in the explanations at the rear. The tricks include producing a rose from your buttonhole, the flying magic wand, an upside-down glass of water, flowers produced from an empty bag, cards rising from the pack, a magic die, and an 'anti-gravitation ball' which moves up not down. Some of the tricks include diagrams in the text. A scarce, highly collectable magic book.

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